Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Are you cooperating with tyranny?...

 Irish chap, Dave Cullen, gives you a dose of reality.

Smart fellow!

What is going on in Ireland is not far removed from what is going on in many states in the U.S. Listen carefully! 

If you are walking around with a filthy rag on your face, you're part of the problem. Those of you who are required as a means of keeping your job are exempt, and you have my complete sympathy. 


Are we headed for a real pandemic?  Dave will give you much to ponder. 

Must have!!

Today is errand day. My first stop is the male-dominated Harbor Freight where masks are few.  Most women head to Macy's for recreational shopping; I head to Harbor Freight. You simply can't have too many screw drivers (or scissors.) Yeah, I know it's all Chinese stuff, but so is most of the stuff in our locally owned Ace.

They have a utility scissor that I simply must have.  And a machete.  Everyone needs a machete!


PRAGER: The Denial of Evil: The Case of Communism an important read


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