Monday, January 18, 2021

Can the upcoming possible commie takeover be any more alarming?...

 yes it can and yes it will.

I don't have much to say other than stay the hell out of DC. Is something completely unexpected and hard to imagine going to happen on the 20th?  Maybe. Maybe not.  How that's for weasel wording? The only fact I'm sticking with right now is the sun will rise in the east tomorrow morning - maybe.   

I have no special intel, but God endowed me with a healthy dose of skepticism and a (somewhat) logical mind.  He also blessed me at this time in my life with the time to float around ferreting out hundreds of sources.  What I'm reading and hearing tells me that the chances for chaos in DC is high. Any "patriot" who thinks it's his/her job to go to DC, in particular with any kind of weapon that goes bang, has a good chance of ending up at room temperature. 

Ask yourself why DC is going into total lock down before an inauguration, which may or may not happen?  Did you think that sort of thing only happened in banana republics?  It's happening right here, right now! Even Rush is questioning what's going on. And Mr. Unbelievable, Sean Hannity, is starting to wake up. That's yuuuuuge.

If this inauguration actually happens, our communication ability is going to go completely dark. If you haven't already, please secure your contacts emails, phone numbers, and addresses in written form.

Watch the following video re: the goings on in DC.  And remember the source, Info Wars, has been discredited, laughed at, and cancelled by the MSM for decades.  Take a look at this article at Breitbart, D.C. Locks Down Ahead of Biden Inauguration: Bridges, National Mall Closed and tell me there won't be chaos.

There's a bunch of links at the bottom to give you a better feel for what's lining up against us.  Compiling links takes a heap load of work. I've read or listened to everything I link, and then taken the time to actually do the work of posting the links.  These are sources I consider reliable, but always, always "trust, but verify."

NB: My head editor (aka husband) is busy putting together my new garden tool cart, so this is going up unedited.  Please ignore any missing commas, too many commas, or any other abnormalities in grammar and syntax.

Here's a quiet and well thought out plan for you from Chris Widener. Speak up.

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