Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Day Three of the commie/libtards trying to besmirch Amy Coney Barrett...

 good luck with that, fools.

It seems Roe v Wade is uppermost in the minds of the left.  We all know that women cannot be "equal" with their fellow homo sapiens without the right to sacrifice their unborn children. 

Listen to the slatternly Kamala Harris lecture Barrett on how important "right to choose" is and how Ruth Bader Ginsberg wholeheartedly supported abortion - at any time and for any reason.

First - let's make something abundantly clear. Harris opens by referencing Ruth Bader Ginsburg's seat in the Supreme Court. It is not Ruth Bader Ginsburg's "seat." The "seat" belongs to the Supreme Court, and by extension, the people of the United States.

Listening to Kamala Harris should dispel any doubt in your mind we are dealing with Godless monsters.

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