Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Free Kyle Rittenhouse...must watch video

The pukes at Youtube have labeled the following video as "inappropriate or offensive to some audiences - viewer discretion is advised."

Do you understand?  Truth is offensive to some audiences.  Gee, I wonder who that might be.

I couldn't say it any better than this commenter at Gateway Pundit - and I thank him

Patriotnowandforever • 7 hours ago
Most Americans truly don't understand what is happening in this Country. The racial aspect of all this is just a ruse to overthrow the Government. We are already at war and the threat of losing our constitutional republic grows greater each day. The insurgency is well-organized and well-funded. The anarchy we now see has been planned for a very long time, along with international backing. The comments and actions by mainstream Democrats, and their lap-dog media prove they are totally unhinged. And they are absolute masters of projection. This is the moment the Communists have chosen to come out from the shadows. It will only get far worse if it isn't stopped right now. It will get ugly and bloody but if we are to save America, it must be done.

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