Thursday, August 13, 2020

That One Video AntiFa And The BLM Don't Want You to See Because It Explains EVERYTHING...

warnings and age restrictions slapped all over this video.

I'm astonished it hasn't been taken down. 

A look back at the 1960's and even earlier helps explain what's going on today.

Wall to wall Kamala Harris today. Are we to be tortured for the next 82 days with stories about this dreadful woman?  


Lone Star Parson: Marx & Satan? Books With LSP  Was Marx a Satanist?  LSP reviews a mostly forgotten book by Richard Wurmbrand who thinks Marx probably was a Satanist 

The Night Wind:  The Morality Pill  The Night Wind elaborates on the morality pill - and does a masterful job.

American Thinker:  The Tides Foundation and BLM Comments are piling up over at AT on an article about George Will. Who gives a royal rat's rear end what that little weasel George Will thinks or says?  Read this article instead which, judging by the number of comments, is being ignored. It's another piece of the puzzle.  Then check out Discover the Networks on the Tides Foundation.

Walter E. Williams at Patriot Post: Are Today's Leftists Truly Marxists?   A brilliant black man expounds on BLM and the "useful white idiots."

Bunkerville:   Kamala Harris’s chief of staff: Haitian lesbian political powerhouse  But, of course. Checking all those boxes

Top Conservatives Send Kind Words for 15th Anniversary of NewsBusters

To mark the 15th anniversary of our blog NewsBusters, some of our most influential conservative friends were kind enough to send along messages of support and praise, starting with Rush Limbaugh, the "Maha-Rushie"!  See the rest - pretty dang impressive!!

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