Monday, August 3, 2020

If this could happen in Post Falls, Idaho, I fear for our country...

this past week has been very disturbing on so many levels it's hard to keep up.

Last week a crazed "Karen" and her equally crazed husband "Karl" assaulted a couple of teenagers in my local Wallyworld.  The original video was posted on Facecrap, but is now unavailable.  However, this clip of an interview of the family  has enough of the encounter to give you an idea of how bad it was.

The couple have been identified as Donna and Arnold Mason and they live in Rathdrum, Idaho - just a few miles north of Post Falls.  On the surface they appear to be rational patriotic conservative folks.  Arnold even served in the Navy.

However, this whole country-wide mask fiasco is turning seemingly normal people into monsters.  And when the vaccine hits the market it will get worse. Way worse!

Many school districts intend to put masks on little kids and physically separate them from their classmates.  Will parents allow this? Probably.  A few days ago while in the Dollar Store I saw a masked up young mother with all of her young children also wearing masks --- including a kid in the cart who looked to be about 1 1/2 years old.  Who the hell puts a mask on a drooling little pre-toddler? 

At the end of the interview there is a few minutes of footage of the front of our Wallyworld.  Are those signs in place now?  I have no idea as I haven't been in there in over a week. What's scary is seeing so many people with rags on their faces in North Idaho.  We're in deep trouble!!!  I'll take a swing by there later today after all my outside chores are done and scope it out. 

This gal manages to sum up the entire mask idiocy in 1:48 - and we thank her.

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