Sunday, March 22, 2020

For your Sunday...

stolen from our dear Bunkerville who always posts something wonderful on Sunday - and we thank her. 

Bunk has been under the weather, but has been sprung from the hospital and is home now. You may want to add her to your prayer list and pop over to wish her well.

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Today is the fourth Sunday of Lent also known as Laetare Sunday. It takes it name from the opening words of the Mass, the Introit's "Laetare, Jerusalem" - Rejoice, O Jerusalem. It's a break in the penitential season of Lent.

 Next Sunday will be Passion Sunday marking the beginning of Passiontide in the traditional calendar of the Catholic Church and lasts until Holy Thursday,

Let's do our best to keep Sunday's holy. As Shawn Carney, of 40 Days for Life, says:
 God is not boring; He invented rest and rested Himself. There is not a more pro-life day than Sunday. When it starts to slip away as just another day for getting things done or getting a jump on the week, we need to reevaluate and reclaim our commitments to God and one another. 
I know there are people who have to work on Sunday. I understand that. However, I've always mourned the loss of the "Blue Laws" from my younger years.  Blue laws stopped businesses from being open on Sunday.  I honestly don't remember if restaurants were exempt since we always had a large Sunday family meal after Mass.

Maybe after the Wuflu madness is done with we could return to a time when businesses closed on Sunday and people could spend time honoring the Sabbath. Does anyone really need to hit up Macy's or Wallyworld on Sunday?  Before you accuse me of being all "holier than thou" there have plenty of times I've gone to Wallyworld on Sunday.  Non piu! 

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