Tuesday, January 14, 2020

OH MY GOSH!! Just look at all the Nazis cheering President Trump and first lady Melania...and Project Veritas strikes again...

what a lovely sight and sound!

Tonight is a KAG rally in Milwaukee, WI.  I'll be watching. 

I've been spending a bit of time studying up on possession.  If you believe in Jesus Christ, then you must believe in the devil since Jesus did. Scripture is clear that Jesus was led into the desert and taunted by the devil only to be told to take a hike.  There are many other examples of Jesus interacting with the devil.

You'd be wrong if you think that the evil one comes to you clothed in horns and slathering fangs.  The devil comes wrapped up in many pretty packages and has the ability to twist scripture to lure you in.

It is why you have abortion supporting people who spout off with all sorts things about prayer and declaring God as good which is against the law of non-contradiction.  You cannot declare God as good and abortion as a "right." Well - you can do that, but it makes you a bit schizophrenic.

The following video shows the extreme side of the abortion supporters and it's quite disturbing.

And finally we have Project Veritas  first undercover video with a Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign Field Organizer, Kyle Jurek. 

Lest you think this mook is an outlier be aware that he's been working for Bernie for quite some time.  He is not working in a vacuum. Jurek has a big nasty mouth and he's shooting it off at every opportunity to the people he's working with.  And not one of those other campaign workers has stepped back and said, "Whoa - this guy is a little nuts?" 

Oh, yeah - and this crazy dude thinks we're Nazis which is an attitude shared by pretty much every anti-Trumper out there.  Even the people who are scattering prayers around like dandelion seeds blowing in the wind and acting all virtuous, are at the same time calling us Nazis, support the evil act of abortion, want to populate our country with the dregs of the earth, and support terrorists. They're more common than you think... 


Father Chad Ripperger on Levels of Spiritual Warfare This is an excellent hour long video to introduce you to how the devil operates by an expert on the subject. If you're in the habit of doing some spiritual reading every day, this will be a wonderful substitution.

Bunkerville: Just say no to new ‘Refugees’ in your local Communities and States In the spirit of our shared Nazism (only kidding), our dear Bunk has a great article today on refugee resettlement.

Virtual Mirage:  A Message for Sunday  Yeah - I know it's Tuesday, but you may have missed this.

Kurt Schlichter at TownHall: Democrats Always Choose America’s Enemies Over America

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