Thursday, December 19, 2019

They know not what they do? a plea for feedback...

so we should forgive them? (Please see feedback question at end of post)

Oh, hell noes!

They, the commie/libtards, know exactly what they're doing.  The part that escapes them in their stupidity, driven by a  hatred and fear that knows no bounds, is they've made themselves an indispensable part of the re-election of Donald J. Trump.

By a landslide!

Nancy Pelosi, a self-described "devout" Catholic, keeps spewing phony prayers, thoughts, and sadness.   No, Nancy - you are essentially an ex-communicated Catholic that hasn't been publicly declared as such by the wimpy bishops with whom you deal. You bring shame to good Catholics everywhere and so do the bishops who are not doing their job.

This is an attack on our representative republic and by extension every single person who cast a vote for Trump.  If they think they are not going to pay next November, well - good for them.

Any visitor here who is applauding this farce of an impeachment better think long and hard about what you're cheering for.

The first 51 seconds of the following video says it all.  You have my permission to skip the rest of it.  Botox Pelosi has the nerve to say she has a "spring in her step" since witnessing the "moral courage" of her caucus.  Exactly what part of "moral" do these pagan anti-Christian baby killers not understand?

However, I don't recommend you skip Mitch McConnell's speech:


Red Pill Jew: A Shortish Post on the Impeachment 

PJ Media:  Mark Levin: Impeachment is About Blocking Trump From Getting Another Supreme Court Pick  I think it goes waaaay deeper than that. 

Feedback Needed re: Blogger Problems

Thanks to the tech savvy Diogenes' Middle Finger for suggesting my sidebar may be overloaded - primarily the loooonnng list of previous posts which is something I have never liked, but never made an effort to correct.  I hate dinking around with tech crap and operate on a need-to-know basis. When I absolutely need to know something tech related I go find out what it is.

I was fully prepared to get my own domain and move my blog today, but after cleaning up my sidebar, my blog is now visible in it's entirety to me.  That doesn't mean it might still not be on my calendar for the the future, but it seems to have been removed as an emergency situation.  

The question is:  What are you seeing?  The major problem seemed to be with viewing with Chrome, but if you could please take a moment and let me know if you are still having problems and what they are I would be very grateful. Either leave a quick comment here or email me at  Thank you to all the people who have already emailed me or tried to help any way you could.  I am blessed!

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