Monday, November 18, 2019

You can't legislate morality and who are you to judge...

are these oft bandied about phrases true?

Does believing this lead to repressed, and often not repressed, anger and hatred?

Does hatred and anger lead to unspeakable acts of violence?

Humans are born with an innate sense of right and wrong - a sort of moral common sense. When someone says, "Who are you to judge", what they're really saying is, "Leave me alone to do whatever I wish to do."

They fail to realize that by saying "Who are you to judge", they've just made a judgement against someone.  Their statement is self-refuting.

People today have been steeped, stewed, and marinated in a morose of relativism. Objective truth has been buried alive and is breathing through a straw stuck in it's grave.

I actually had someone declare to me that you can't legislate morality. Anyone with two functioning brain cells knows this is utter nonsense. For instance our laws have made it quite clear that killing another person without just cause is morally wrong and could be punishable from a lengthy jail sentence up to taking the life of the offender by the state. And yet the anti-death penalty peeps call that "immoral." If you can't legislate morality, then if follows there is no morality at all, and all avenues are open to do as you please.

What's really going on is they want their morals, or lack of, to be the impetus behind laws and not yours.  Hence we have a ruling like Roe v Wade which says it's okay to kill a baby. Roe simply corresponds to what the commie/libtards think is moral.

The time to shrug and walk away from such statements is over. It's easy to get these people tangled up in their own web.  Ask questions. 

If someone says to you,
 "You shouldn't force your morality on me", simply say, "Why not?"
Or you could say,
"I'm not entirely sure what you mean by that statement. Do I not have a right to my opinion?"
Invariably they'll counter with, "You have a right to your opinion, but no right to force it on me."
"Is that your opinion?"
"Then why are you forcing your opinion on me? If you're saying only your opinion is right wasn't that your objection to begin with?"

Is living life as a relativist (no truth, but my truth) crazy making?

Can it lead to hatred, anger, and violence?

Yes. (That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it)

Witness what happened at Trump's rally in Minneapolis on Oct. 10th.  I present this with no comment.  You'll have to form your very own opinion.

Which brings me to our Monday thought for the week

If you're engaged in thinking your way to a better life - stop.  Yes, positive thoughts are nice, but sitting around chanting positive mantras will get you absolutely nowhere.

Thoughts follow action.  If you want certain improvements in your life then you must act as though it's already happened.  If you want to be healthier, sitting around and chanting, "I am healthy", won't work.  The act of going to gym or cooking a healthy meal will.  Act as though it was already true.

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