Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Is Vindman the Whistleblower?...

it seems likely from what little I've seen of this clown show in DC.

It appears that Rush agrees with me:
"Well, that’s the whistleblower. Eric Ciaramella, is CIA. So in my humble opinion – and it's just my opinion and it's only my assumption – and, of course, I could be called as a witness based on this because that’s what these witnesses have. It is my opinion based on learned knowledge following these hearings that Vindman is the original leaker and that Vindman told Ciaramella (who is the whistleblower) who then went over and set all of this up with Adam Schiff," Limbaugh said Tuesday. (Take the time to read Rush's transcript - it's excellent!)
As for me and my opinion I'm appalled at these know-nothing do-nothing unelected government functionaries doing everything they possibly can to protect their own positions. 

This morning, Ambassador Sondland is blathering away about his "feelings"  -furthering my conviction that watching any of this Kubuki theater would turn my brain cells to mush.


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