Friday, October 18, 2019

Is Beto a Furry?...


Rumor has it flailing Beáto held a counter rally to Trump's amazing showing in Dallas, TX.  I have been unable to verify this bit of news. 

Yesterday the tree climbers were here cutting down a couple of enormous trees that had the possibility of falling on the house because today the roofers are here to start installing a shiny new roof.  All this in the midst of my doing a bit of siding repair on the house.  When it rains - it pours.  Oh, wait - it is going to be raining tomorrow.  Can they do an entire roof and new skylights in one day?  Hmmmmmm...

So.......I shall be somewhat spare in my attention to this blog for the next few days.


Washington Examiner: Trump hits 'very dumb' Beto O'Rourke for wanting to tax churches and confiscate guns

American Thinker:   Beto Would Risk Another Waco

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