Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Impeachment threat a gigantic joke...

and it's on the commie/libtards.

If you want to see funny, head over to Huff and Puff and CNN (no link on purpose) and read the headlines.  What the hell planet do these maroons live on?

And little Greta?  She just won some sort of award for being an angry little troll.  Prize?  Over a 100K dollars.  Pimping your daughter out is working out just dandy for the Thunberg family.

We're expecting a very early cold snap a bit later this week with rain coming tomorrow.  So I will be outside today trying to button up some last minute stuff.

Will we have our first wood stove fire on Sunday?  Looks like we may...

And my window sill summer flamingos?  Time for them to be packed away until next summer?  Maybe.  I'm just not ready!


Virtual Mirage:  Hump Day Frenzy

Roger Simon:  Why the Democrats Have Gone Insane

Nox and Friends:  Applaud Democrats – Stupid Move may well end a lot of Democrat politicians careers

Question:  Has Matt Drudge had some sort of a mental breakdown.  I thinks it's time for him to hang up his keyboard and slink off into the sunset.

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