Friday, September 13, 2019

Democratic Debate: I tried. I really, really tried...

to watch the entire clown show.

Managed about an hour before calling it quits.

Harris opens by making a direct comment and threat to Trump in her best shuck and jive imitation of Odumbo.

Someone calls Trump a racist.  Actually, pretty much all of them did.

Yang promises us a 1,000.00 a month.

Castro accused Biden of not remembering what he said two minutes ago.  Castro was wrong.

Bernie, skillfully displaying his anger, spits out all the free stuff he's going to provide.

Warren managed to dodge answering almost 100% of her questions.

Buttigieg called all Trump supporters racist.

No - you're not
Rat faced "Beáto" promised to confiscate guns.

Booker bemoans "white supremacy" and vows to form a department to end it.

Klobuchar pretty much disagreed with everything everyone else was saying and tried her darnedest to be "Minnesota nice" which is just another way of saying, "I'm passive aggressive." 

 Biden struggled to keep his teeth in his mouth.


The weekend will kick off with a giant harvest moon tonight.  Looking forward to the huge orange moon peeking up over the horizon.  It will be over 150 years before we see another one on Friday the 13th.

Wheat Free

About 25 or so days ago I decided to get serious about giving a wheat and grain free life style a shot.  It really has been easy and I feel great.  The upside?  I've lost about 14 lbs.  The hardest part has been keeping my calorie count up to a reasonable level with many days logging in at 700 calories.  That's not an appropriate amount for someone who is active as I am.

Personal Stuff

Posting may be a bit lighter for a few weeks.  We're juggling a new roof install,  painting the exterior of the house, adding electric outlets in the barn, a new glass panel in our rear slider, and the restoration project on the property - involving a chainsaw and many hours of work.

Amazon Today

Once again I recommend James Clear's book Atomic Habits.  I loaned out my original copy so I just purchased another copy.  I decided that the original copy would remain a "loan out" copy.

Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones 

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