Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Commie/libtards want YOUR guns...

because a certifiable crazy in Texas killed some people with an illegal gun.

Before we go any further allow me to tell you that the guy was white.  The majority of news outlets trumpeted his whiteness over, and over, and over.  When was the last time you saw a headline that read, "Black shooter kills a bunch of people"?  Thought so.

Nice house, Seth.
Second, according to reports, the guy was living in a metal shack with no electricity or running water.  I don't know about Texas, but in most municipalities that's not legal.

The gunman, Seth Ator, who went on a rampage in Midland, Texas this past Saturday was  deemed mentally unfit and had been banned from buying firearms in the criminal background check system, according to the Wall Street Journal.

But, but, but - we need to make peeps engaging in private sales do background checks.  Wake up everyone. This guy was a grade A prime beef nutter.  His neighbors hated him and were scared of him.  Private sale?  He didn't buy that gun from the nice old guy down the street.  He bought it off a street thug. 

Meantime the tally is in for August in the Windy City of Chicago:

Shot  Killed: 46 (-18%)
Shot  Wounded: 241 (-20%)
Total Shot: 287 (-20%)
Total Homicides: 48 (-20%) 

Wow!  That's actually down 20%.  Do we have unicorns and rainbows to thank?

The lesbian mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, blames it on out-of-state guns.  You know - the ones that grabbed a one-way on the Amtrak to Chicago. Not just any out-of-state guns, but Republican out of state guns. I don't know about your guns, but my Republican guns only fly private jets. 

As that erudite flailing arms fella from Texas would say, That's f*ucked.  Yes, Martha - I'm being sarcastic. 


Unz Report: How Can We Blame This On White Gun Owners?: At High School Football Game in Alabama Between All-Black Schools, Black Gunman Shoots At Least 10 People  Probably Republican guns that took the midnight train to Georgia and ended up in Alabama.  If It Bleeds It Leads: How the American Media Perpetuates and Profits from Mass Shootings  This site is chock full of great information and great articles. And........Walmart not selling ammo?  Not to worry. can help you

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Speaking of that midnight train to Georgia...


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