Wednesday, September 18, 2019

"America was never great!"...

and these freaks call us Nazis.

From Daily Mail:

Fights break out between Trump supporters and protesters after a US flag is torched while traffic comes to a standstill amid angry scenes as the President arrives for Beverly Hills fundraiser.

Keeping this in perspective it was a very small group of anti-Trump supporters and an equally small group of pro-Trump peeps. But, the MSM must blow it up beyond all reason.

Thing is - what would possess people to burn the American flag and chant, "America was never great"?  I think possess is the operative word.

On another topic, I spent my first night on my new My Pillow.  It's a great pillow.  Ten year guarantee and washable.  I'm impressed.  I have a rather wonky neck due to two serious whiplash auto accidents and my neck felt pretty darn good this morning.

Mark Lindell is a yuuuuuuggge Trump supporter and helped with the production of the movie Unplanned.  I figured buying a My Pillow would ultimately help Trump.

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