Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Midweek Motivation...

because we can all use a kick in the rear patootie ever so often.

Instead of spending time on useless endeavors (guilty!), how about listening to 22 minutes of pure inspiration?

I'm a huge fan of James Clear and his book Atomic Habits.  I recommend you purchase this book in hard cover so you can quickly access different chapters.  Yeah - I know you can do that in Kindle, but trust me on this, you need an actual book.

Even though I've read the book, made copious notes, and have implemented many of his strategies, I still have a problem with getting to the gym every other day.  Nine minutes into the video he talks about "having a plan."  Hmmmmm - I write "gym" in my agenda on the appropriate days, but a gazillion things happen to keep me from going.  Keep in mind the stinking gym is TWO MINUTES from my house and my workout takes about 45 minutes.

I went today.  Why? Because I had an appointment with my personal trainer.  Oh, wait.  I write down gym, but I don't write down an exact time, except if I have an appointment with Tyler.  So merely writing down "gym" without an exact time is not a plan!  It's wishful thinking.  Light bulb moment!

I'll be at history club today and running errands - including buying the very best ingredients for my popcorn making since this evening is the first dem debate.  Holy cow, i miei piccoli topi, what fun it will be to see those monsters taking pot shots at each other. 

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