Thursday, April 4, 2019

Our country has gone completely bonkers...

insane, and crazy.

Starting the day with commie Empty Cortex cramming popcorn, like, ya know, in her mouth while speaking (in her best little girl voice), and like sipping wine, and showing off her apartment devoid of furniture - ya know.  Like, seriously?
BUTTigieg and his "husband"

Moving on to abortion supporting homosexual mayor of South Bend, Pete Buttigieg, questioning Trump's belief in God.  There is just too much to unpack here, so I'll let you figure it out. 

Presidential hopeful, Kamala Harris, wants Congress to hire a bunch of illegals.  WTHell?

Minnesota muzzie Omar thinks a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood being held as a political prisoner in Egypt should be released. But, of course, Ilhan - how about we move her to Cedar-Riverside?

And it seems Beaver Beto took time off from jumping around on coffee shop counters to illegally rip off 110K of campaign funds. 

I'm headed to the gym to work off some of my shocked face...

Something to think about:

During the open forum at the University of Pennsylvania Ravi Zacharias and Nabeel Qureshi were asked:

Why are you so afraid of subjective moral reasoning?

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