Saturday, March 16, 2019

Let's all do exactly what the New Zealand shooter wants...

starting with the lying fake media.

The shooter is crazy.

The shooter is not stupid.

But the MSM and the people jumping on the blame game are stupid sheeple.

The MSM is behaving exactly how the killer hoped they would.  He openly stated in his manifesto that he wants to foment a civil war in America by causing division. 

NB: The pdf of the manifesto I saved has been scrubbed from the internet and is now blank. I did, however, copy and paste it to Word.  It is still posted at Western Rifle Shooters Association.  Why is it being suppressed?

A sure way to do that is to pit people against each other by blaming everyone and everything except the shooter.

A bunch of muslim students verbally attacked Chelsea Clinton at a prayer service for the victims blaming her for the shooting because she said something negative about the Minnesota muslim, Rep. Ilhan Omar.  I have no idea of what Clinton said and don't care.  I am also not a fan of any of the Clinton's, but that snowflake is way out of line.  It's telling that she's wearing a T-shirt saying "college for all, medicare for all, jobs for all."

I think a comment left on the video says it better than I ever could:
The NEA, teacher's unions, public schools, common core and commie teachers, college professors, and news/entertainment media have made our young kids and young-to-middle age adults incredibly stupid, ignorant, illiterate and naive. And so they fall into the trap of commie lies so easily. They are willingly and ignorantly charting a course to their, and our, own destruction.

So far everyone except the shooter is to blame for him killing 49 people.  

Trust me on this:  Somewhere out there is another crazy soaking up the lies and hysteria.  He's cleaning his guns, stocking up on ammo, and making his plans.  And he will be the only one responsible for what he does.

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