Thursday, October 4, 2018

The left's obsession with sex...

is puzzling.

Didn't all these feminist women back in the 60's who spawned the current crop of feminists want to "have it all."  I seem to recall that birth control was going to make having sex, often with a rat pack of different partners, all nice and safe.

And then they got the right to abort their unwanted "product of conception."  Woohoo!  Life just kept getting better for them.

Now suddenly they've all become victims of sexual assault.  Not real sexual assault.  Not rape. Just an annoying teenage boy acting like a fool.

What the heck happened to "I am woman, hear me roar?"

When did women turn into such whimpering whiny man hating wimps?  Now they're all "oppressed" by the patriarchy.
Feminist in training

Later today the pink vagina hat wearing "ladies who march™" will be screeching in protest about Kavanaugh.  It's always so edifying to watch women acting like pigs (no insult to pigs intended.)

I often wonder if it was a good idea to let women vote.

Frankly - I'm tired of it all.

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