Thursday, July 12, 2018

While Trump handles the business of our country, Peter Strozok sneers at you - the citizens...

because that's what the "elites" think about you.

His skanky paramour, Lisa Page, had originally defied her subpoena from Congress and  refused to show up for her interview.  She has now agreed to testify privately on Friday.  Privately?  Don't we, the dirt people, have a right to hear her testimony?

Here's what bothers me about this whole mess.

Nothing ever happens.  It seems as though every member of the swamp gets to go about their business, while sexy Paul Manafort the Great cools his heels in solitary confinement.

Take a moment and try and imagine this loon as president.

And now - a palate cleanser.

Trump and Melania arrive in the UK

Your'e welcome.

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