Monday, June 25, 2018

In Praise of Monday...

the most abused day of the week.

Yesterday the peeps on Facecrap were moaning and groaning and making not very funny jokes about Monday.  Horrible! Awful! Is it over yet?

For the 9 to 5'ers who work weekdays, the constant complaining about dragging themselves to a job they seem to hate is missing the real point of Monday.

Do you know when you keep the "I hate Monday" mantra spinning in your head your brain doesn't know you're joking?  FYI your brain has no freaking sense of humor.  So quit with the Monday "jokes."

And about that job you claim to hate?  Either learn to love it or find something else to do.  An entire lifetime of a crappy job is no way to live.  And as to weekends?  A lifetime of weekends becomes pretty boring after a while too.

Monday, which I consider the first day of the week, should be a brand new beginning.  It's a chance to renew your New Year's Eve resolutions every 7 days.

Remember how excited you were when you made all those promises to yourself about the upcoming year?  You can do that every single Monday.

On Sunday evening I do a quick weekly review of the past week.  I note went well, and what could be better.  I list the things I wish to accomplish in the upcoming week in my agenda, and make some tentative scheduling decisions.

I welcome each Monday with great enthusiasm, enormous hope, and my tank full of energy.  Learn to love Monday.

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