Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Today is Dog and Pony Show Day at Starbucks...

where white people will be told they're racists.

Here's the scoop.

All the company owned stores will close this afternoon.  The white workers (I've heard a rumor blacks do not have to attend since only white people are racist) will be herded into a room and be assaulted with charges of implicit bias.

Explain to me why Starbucks would expect a positive outcome by forcing people to confess to implicit bias even if they have none.  They are assuming a negative about people.  I call that stereotyping.

To quote the millennials - whatever.

I remember when Starbucks first opened in little ol' Post Falls.  I thought it was sort of cool.  All those plush burgundy lounge chairs and people with laptops looking important.

Then one day I was in there and some little gal with her laptop cradled on her lap (well - it is a laptop after all) had pulled her Birkenstock clad feet up and planted them on the chair.  What the hell?  Her filthy shoes were on the fabric covered chair.  Ewwww. Obviously she wasn't the only one because within a year those lovely plush chairs looked like curb side give aways.

Next I noticed that people were not speaking to each other. I'm accustomed to chit-chatting with peeps, but Starbucks customers were not interested in human contact.

After finding out the calorie count on most of their fancy drinks, I opted for a plain coffee.  It was awful.  Burnt black and tasting a bit like coffee that had been reheated a gazillion times.

I won't even get into the amount of money daily Starbucks customers are flushing down the toilet on a yearly basis.  We're talking thousands here.

If you like Starbucks feel free to go there.  But when I find myself out and about and in want of a coffee, I head for a gas station where not only is the coffee good, it's also cheap, and there are peeps to talk with.

And for you employees having to put up with this?  If you need your job, just nod and go along with the bullshit.  Tomorrow you can all have a good laugh at work.


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