Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Don Lemon: Trump hates me 'cause I'm black. Candace Owens: I refuse to play the "black card"...

notice the difference? 

My feeling is about this President have been known. I’ve said it on the air. You know, I think he has — he is racist. I think his actions show it. I think the facts show it. Does he attack me for that reason? I don’t know. That could be a part of the equation. But I think he does it because he watches every night. He will say he doesn't. He likes hearing about himself from a number of different people in real time and that's what my show is. more at Newsbusters 

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The Upcoming Weeks:

As I prepare for my first cataract surgery on June 6th, which is really no big whoop, it does mean that many of my summer activities will be somewhat curtailed. Rototilling, pruning lilac bushes, shoveling shit manure, and scooting around on my lawn tractor are not approved activities for a week or so after surgery.

The second surgery is not scheduled until June 28th due to the busy schedule of the North Idaho Eye Institute leaving a gap week where I can probably do a bit of work.

That means between now and June 6th I'm under the gun to get as much done as possible meaning posting may be erratic and I ask for your patience (and prayers.)

And many thanks to everyone who has generously donated to help defray the over $2000.00 that Medicare won't pay.


Odie is celebrating his 9th Blogiversary today.  Stop over and wish him well.  And if you've ever wondered what he looked like - now's your chance.  He posted his picture.  That's yuuuuuuuge!

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