Sunday, April 15, 2018

Defending the 2nd Amendment and an AMAZING situation at American Thinker...

astonishing actually.

Not only does Mr. Robert Curry do an outstanding job with his article on the defense of the 2nd amendment, but..........wait for it - he's actually responding to comments. 

There are sites who have developed a camaraderie between commenters like our beloved MOTUS A.D. and Weasel ZippersThere are other sites whose commenters are quite bright and don't need much in the way of feedback.  And then there are the sites where people are yammering away in an echo chamber - cold, alone, and ignored even if asking a direct question of the author.

Taking into account the massive amount of blow-back on the way Facecrap runs its site, you would think that people would understand that commenting and having a conversation on any of the blogs or news sites would fill a big part of the need for uncensored chit chat.  So when an author fails to respond to a direct query, I seldom return.

Take a moment to read Robert's fine article (he said I could call him Robert because we're all friends on American Thinker) and take a moment to thank him or add a bit of your wisdom to the discussion.

Tomorrow (Mon. 4/16)...

is my preliminary cataract surgery appointment which is scheduled to take most the afternoon.  They will be dilating my eyes so I may or may be here.

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