Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Toxic Politics Stressing You Out? Just Stop It!...

the best advice you're going to get today.


Before you think that I'm going all "I know best" on you, allow me to say the advice comes from noted psychoanalyst Bob Newhart on the Bob Newhart show back in the 70's.

I remember back when Wayne Dyer (RIP) first published Your Erroneous Zones back in 1976.  It made a profound difference in my life - some good and some not so good.  The good outweighed the bad.

Later in life, Dyer (IMO) went all new agey and promoted some ideas that were not all that great.

What I remember most about him was an early appearance on the The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.  Relying on a memory from an event that took place over 40 years ago, and not being able to find anything online about his appearance, you'll have to bear with my paraphrasing of what he said.

He related a story about a woman who had come to see him to help cure her nail biting problem.  Since I have been an on and off nail biter my entire life, my ears perked up.

She told him that she had seen numerous psychologists and psychiatrists and no one had been able to help her.  Since Dyer was the new kid on block, she was hopeful he could help her.

He questioned her about all the different things she had been told her years of therapy.

Finally he asked her, "Has anyone ever told you to keep your fingers out of your mouth?"


And perhaps that became the beginning of my passion for "cutting to the chase", "getting to the point", and "keeping it simple."

Today we have a plethora of people who could benefit from some of the advice Dyer wrote about.  Instead we now pump people full of dangerous psychotropic drugs, many which lead to suicide, homicidal violence, and physical ills.

The subversives in the world tell women they can become men, men can become women, being a homosexual is normal and a gift from God, women and men are exactly the same in all ways, it's just a clump of cells, Islam is the religion of peace, Trump is a Russian operative, and guns kill people all by themselves.   And if you, dear dirt person, dare to disagree with any of this you are labeled a dangerous right wing fanatic.  That's enough to stress anyone - if you let it.

So if the current politics, which are really no different then the politics since Eve convinced Adam that eating the fruit of the forbidden tree was a good idea - no doubt the first instance of recorded propaganda in history, listen to the wise words of Bob Newhart which he could have been uttered before Wayne Dyer published his book.

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