Saturday, February 3, 2018

Super Bowl Sunday...

promises to be very, very cold.

Tomorrow's temperature in Minneapolis  is expected to top out at 6° with a wind of 10 mph.  That works out to a wind chill factor of about -10°.  Good luck if you have to stand in line to get into the gazillion dollar stadium.

Meantime, every little commie dissident group known to man and beast is planning mega protests over absolutely everything.  They're really ticked off that only rich people can attend the Super Bowl.

Violent racist group, Black Lives Matter, has issued a "travel warning" to people of color who may be visiting because the St. Paul police are "the deadliest in Minnesota."  Whatever.

Some of these loons (no offense intended to the beautiful Minnesota state bird), are even planning a march.  They actually think they're going to gather together outside and then march to the stadium.  In a word - no.  You're not getting anywhere near that stadium.  And may I remind you that the time for frostbite to set in when the windchill is -10° is about 30 minutes.  Have fun.

But best of all - no one cares about you, not one news outlet will give you  coverage, and you will accomplish exactly zero in the way of your precious activism.

If you're planning on watching the game - have fun and eat some wings for me. I won't be watching, so I'm having wings for dinner tonight.

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