Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: The real Donald Trump, revealed...

with a hearty H/T to Hardnox...

Which brings me to the next must read blog on my mission to bring you the best of the smaller blogs - Nox and Friends, where Hardnox hangs out with his merry band of co-conspirators writers.

Allow me to add that when I call a blog "small" it is only to distinguish it from high budget, often corporate owned blogs like Breitbart.  It not a reflection of their actual page views, which are considerable.  I'm quite certain that all of the "smaller" blogs I visit when combined account for easily way over several million page views per day.

I'll skip over the part about Nox being a manly alpha male type who hunts the dangerous unicorn, raises foundation quarter horses, and does incredible custom wood working. I'm not sure how or when he finds time to write.

His site brings you the very best in news and commentary and you would do yourself a favor by adding it to your reading list.

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