Saturday, September 23, 2017

It seems people are in an uproar about Jimmy Kimmel getting talking points from Chuckie Schumer...

and we should care - why?


Jimmy Kimmel, a not very funny guy, who calls himself a comedian, is blah-blahing about health insurance on his late night show, and people actually pay attention.  Supposedly, Schumer provided him with sound bites and talking points.  Again I say, "So what?"

The headline at The Blaze is a head scratcher: Jimmy Kimmel’s credibility on health care questioned after this revelation

Call me silly, but I wasn't aware he had any credibility on issues like health insurance.

I will defend his right to blah-blah all he wants - it is, after all, his show; a show I will admit to having never seen.

I will also defend my right for not listening to him or any other peeps populating the insular world of entertainment.

I find it disturbing that so many people actually make decisions based on information from a late night talking head.

At least The Blaze finishes with a bit of wisdom for all of us:
Kimmel persuaded many Americans against the Graham-Cassidy bill with his passionate attacks from atop his soapbox on his late night show. It would have been more honest of him to admit that he got talking points from a top Democrat instead of pretending he was studiously and objectively poring over the legislation.
If you want to know about pending legislation, the best way is to go and studiously and objectively read the bill.

Jim Hoft, over at Gateway Pundit, does a pretty good job of explaining the lie that is Obamacare.

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