Thursday, August 10, 2017

Is fired Google employee James Damore stupid, arrogant, or just naive?...

I'll save you trouble of wondering where I stand.  I vote naive.

He's clearly not stupid, nor is he the least bit arrogant.

What landed me on his side from almost the beginning is the fact that it's the libtards who are so outraged by what his memo said. And why is that?  Because he spoke the truth.

I might add that what the memo actually said is hard to determine since the MSM subverted and falsely reported on his document and published redacted and cherry picked versions of what he wrote minus his footnotes.

Here is the real document.

His naivety on how the world works is typical of someone his age.  When I was growing up my father believed anything that was printed in a newspaper because, gosh darn, it was in a newspaper so it had to be true.  I also realize that there are still people who think this way.  Our present day example of this is people who believe anything they read on the internet.

Adrienne's Axiom:

All news is fake news until proven otherwise.

We know that Google rigs your searches.  We know they data mine, subvert contrary opinions, and otherwise make it highly difficult to dig down to the truth.  

The long march through the institutions includes the world wide web.

Our schools, universities, media, entertainment, and even churches are now well stocked with the liberals who wish to control us.  People who are more conservative have learned to keep their opinions to themselves.  Conservative teachers, professors, and journalists know that to express an opinion contrary to the prevailing virtue signalling SJW's will bring the hounds of hell crashing down on their heads.  The left will not stop until they destroy anyone who speaks the truth.

For James Damore to have learned this lesson so early in life is a blessing for him.  He's a smart guy and already has many job offers.

We can learn much from this young man who spoke the truth. 

This is a very illuminating interview and well worth the time.  Listen and ponder.

Productivity tips for the day:
  1. Put the taskbar on the bottom of your monitor on auto-hide.  It's nothing but a distraction.
  2. Avail yourself of One Tab. I love it. 


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