Thursday, June 15, 2017

Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn speak for me...

and I thank them.

Yesterday has left me very shaken and gotten me thinking some very uncharitable thoughts.

Dehumanize and Depersonalize 

This is what Hitler did with the Jews.  Using propaganda he depersonalized and dehumanized them until it became acceptable to beat and kill them and cart them off in cattle cars.  Now you have libtards, you know - the ones who espouse love, kindness, fairness, diversity, and social justice wishing for the death of Trump and any Republican who they deem fair game - which, I think, is all of them.  And the MSM, in an attempt to garner eyeballs on their bleatings, are all too willing to go along with it.

Reading some of the comments on Huff and Puff yesterday made my stomach churn and my chest hurt.  As much as I dislike Odumbo and his puppet masters, I've never wished or hoped for them to endure a painful death.

People who write such insanity could easily be considered criminally insane.  They have slid so far into the abyss that we end up with some of them thinking it's okay to go shoot up a baseball game and kill people.

Civil war?  I doubt it. However, I wouldn't be too keen on living in a large city right now.  And I'm not falling for their desire for us to be demoralized.  Our faith in God is what informs us that He will always win in the end.  It's as simple as that.

Mark Steyn recorded The Seduction of Violence six hours before the baseball shooting.  
This brand new SteynPost was taped hours before this morning's shooting of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and others at a GOP team practice for the Congressional baseball game. Mark looks at recent examples of political violence, and the left's preference not for winning the debate but for shutting down the debate - by any means necessary.
"We're not talking about equal responses."

"The left doesn't want to win the debate, hey want to end the debate."

"I used to think that the left was all talk for the most part. Generation snowflake are a pretty feeble lot and they're not actually up to beating you up in the street, but things have been getting worse. And one day they're going to kill someone."



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MOTUS AD:  Where are the Moderate Leftists? 

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