Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sean Hannity puts the Democrats into context and some Newt as the cherry on top...

and we thank them both.

Like him or not, Sean is quickly becoming the voice of conservatives.

He takes a good hard look at Rachel Maddow and her conspiracy theories.  I will admit to have never watched her show and as a result had no idea of how nuts she is.  And her fans call Alex Jones nuts?

Newt:  "I hope they keep Nancy (Pelosi) right where she is for the next ten years."

Take heart - we're winning.

Checking in with my bellwether libtards on Facecrap tells me all I need to know.  Not one peep about Steve Scalise being shot.  And never a peep about any muslim attack on innocent people.  Not. One. Peep. 

These people have lived among the libtards for so long and have sucked up so much propaganda that they're no longer able to patch together two coherent thoughts.  If you stand in the rain long enough, sooner or later you'll get wet.  My advice?  Buy an umbrella. 

After getting my work done, I'm looking forward to watching Donald Trump in Iowa.


Woodsterman:  Libtard Thrusday (great!)

Bunkerville:   Keith Ellison ‘Resistance Summer going awesome’ day after loss (another example of the lunacy of the left)

American Thinker:   Progressives No Longer Burn Books; They 'Recycle' Them   (this is one of the ways the libtards keep the rain falling on the unprotected)

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