Thursday, February 16, 2017

Let's all help Janine have a bike...

because this is something that we can all do.

We really can't do much about intel leaks in the administration of President Donald J. Trump.  Here's something that we all can do today.

From Janine's mom Kate, a friend to Adrienne's Corner:

Once a year, an organization called Friendship Circle has a program called The Great Bike Giveaway, which seeks to get specialized bikes to handicapped children. 

These bikes are often prohibitively expensive for families, and because there are often many other considerations in the life of a child with special needs, a bike is often at the bottom of a long list of priorities. The Great Bike Giveaway is a wonderful opportunity to give a child with special needs one of the joys of a typical life.

If more money is raised than needed, the extra will go to other children seeking a bike.

Thank you for your consideration. I will attach our specific information below.


If you have a blog, please copy or link to this post.  If you're reading this on Facebook, please hit the share button.  And then head over to Janine's page and make a donation.  Let's all help Janine have a bike so she can go outside and just be "one of the kids." 

Janine has $750.00 of the needed $2,800.00 for a special adaptive bike.  What say we push her over the finish line today?

Let's Make America Great Again one child at a time!


Friendship Circle Presents the Great Bike Giveaway

Every Child Deserves A Bike!
Friendship Circle is kicking off its 6t h  annual Great Bike Giveaway on February 15, 2017. Great Bike Giveaway is an annual national campaign that strives to provide as many bikes as possible to children and teens with special needs. Participants will have one month to earn an adaptive bike through fundraising efforts using an online crowdfunding platform, February 15 through March 15, 2017.

Most of us remember our first time riding a bike. The thrill of riding down neighborhood streets with friends and family looking on.

Many children with special needs miss out on that essential childhood experience because their physical or cognitive limitations make riding a traditional bike impossible  and custom bikes cost families thousands of dollars. 

For this reason Friendship Circle created a fundraising platform called the Great Bike Giveaway to help children with special needs receive an adaptive bike. Additionally, Friendship Circle works with adaptive bike companies from around the United States to secure discounted pricing for this campaign.

Today you have an opportunity to help Janine receive a very special bike -- all it take is one click: 

You can see some of these amazing adaptive bikes HERE
 Janine's Fundraiser Page

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