Sunday, January 8, 2017

Some of my best Amazon purchases...

out of many.

I purchase a lot of merchandise online.  I've never liked to shop, and quit doing so many, many years ago.  I learned early on if you want to keep your budget under control, one of the best ways to do so was to stay the heck out of stores and always shop with a list.

I only purchase on Amazon after doing  a local search for the same item which, in many cases, is less expensive than Amazon.

Here are some of my best Amazon buys: 

I don't think any of you are surprised by this first one - the Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker.  It's used almost every day around here.  I hate throwing food away and using up celery has always been a problem.  I know it's not a super expensive item, but it just makes me sad if it hits the compost pile.

Not anymore.  Now I chop it up, throw it in the Instant Pot with whatever else is handy like leftover meat, carrots, other veggies and voila - soup in 10 minutes.  

Hard cooked eggs? Pile the eggs on a trivet, pressure for 4 minutes, 2 minutes natural pressure release, manually release the rest of the pressure, and your hard cooked eggs are just perfect.  And the shells just about fall off.

I just made potato salad in mere minutes.  Red potatoes steamed and pressured to perfection in 7 minutes, cold water bath, add the celery, onions and dressing - done.  Way better than boiling all the nutrition and taste out of potatoes on the stove. If you like eggs in your salad (we do), just pile some eggs on top of the potatoes and cook them together.

The Amazon reviews are almost at 15K - just about 100% positive.

The 6 qt Instant Pot is on sale right now for $99.00 - a bargain. 

The Paderno World Cuisine Tri-Blade Vegetable Spiral Slicer doesn't get used everyday, but it's used often enough to make it worth the nominal cost.  Tomorrow I will make noodles from some zucchini, top it with homemade tomato sauce, and homemade meatballs for a wonderful low carb meal.  

It's on sale right now for $23.99.  I'm pretty sure I paid more than that for mine. 



For your pets:

I'm expecting a Monday delivery on my third bottle of Omegease 100% Pure Omega 3, 6 & 9 Fish Oil for Dogs and Cat.  We were giving our little doggie fish oil by cutting open a people capsule and squirting it in his food.  Trust me on this - dragging his ears through his bowl left him smelling pretty dang bad.  After doing my due diligence, I settled on the Omegease and now both he and the kitteh use it.  

The CEO of Finest for Pets, the company that makes Omegease, is amazingly responsive to the customers and the people commenting on Amazon. 

87% of the Amazon reviews for Omegease are 5 and 4 stars.  The 16 oz bottle is on sale for $19.95 and lasts a long time as only a small amount is needed.  Finest for Pets also makes other great pet products with equally good reviews.

Have a Cuisinart or Keurig 2.0 Coffee Machine that uses charcoal filters?

The first time I bought replacement filters for my Cuisinart from a kitchen shop they cost $9.95 for two.  Are you kidding me?  These filters are supposed to be changed every month or every 30 pots of coffee.  That comes to $60.00 a year.  Ah, in a word - NO.

So I bumbled around Amazon and found a pack of 12 filters for $7.25.  Do the math.  These filters also work in the Keurig 2.0.  And stores wonder why they're going out of business?  The same number of replacement filters at KMart costs $30.36.  I get it - they have staff to pay, a building to maintain, et al, but I'm not willing to help foot the bill.

 Right now they're $6.29.

 Replacement Charcoal Water Filters -Removes Chlorine, odors, and others impurities from Water-for Cuisinart Coffee Machines- Set of 12 


Davidson's Tea Hibiscus Flower, 100-Count Tea Bags

Hibiscus Tea is excellent for reducing high blood pressure.  We have a cup every afternoon.  This is the best hibiscus tea I've found for the price.  Most grocery stores don't even carry hibiscus tea. 

It has a 81% positive reviews (4 and 5 star) with over 1,500 comments.   

It's only $14.97 for a hundred tea bags.  A bargain.



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