Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Kellyanne Conway: "Presumptive negativity by the press"...

be very cautious of what you see or hear.

All news is fake news until proven other wise™

Listen carefully to what she says about the bust of Martin Luther King.

Compare this woman to the screeching foul mouthed harridans that took to the streets (the ones they left piled with trash) dressed as their lady parts.  Here's a woman who, by all reports, attends daily Mass, is raising four lovely children, and wears high heels.  She is the highest ranking woman in the White House.  Wouldn't you think she would be someone to hold up to your daughters as an example of modern womanhood?  Instead, the daughters are given Madonna and that Judd person.  Yeah - that's the ticket. I want my daughters to be just like Madonna. 

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