Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump Goes to DC, Riots, and When Michael Savage and Alex Jones become mainstream...

you know hell has turned into an ice cube, the tides are out, and that one chance in a million has just happened.

I'm pretty worded out after the last few years, but not so much that I don't a few things to say (when does an Italian woman not have something to say?  See above)

I guess a bunch of unruly man-bun wearing tattooed children have taken to the streets to protest Trump being elected the 45th president of the United States.  It hearkens back to the riots after Odumbo won his second term. Oh, wait...

My message for them is to take a good hard look at the map below.  Notice all the red?  The red is where the adults live.  The blue is where the non-adults live.  My suggestion is if you live in an area which is red, you immediately pack up your Birkenstock's, tuck your EBT card into your wallet, and head for a blue area where you will be surrounded by like-minded people and your fragile little egos will not have to suffer any upset.

Be aware that these "riots" are manufactured by the left and these useful idiots will go away when the money flow ceases.  Unless they're blocking you on the freeway, in which case I recommend slowly moving forward in your several thousand pound vehicle until they get out of your way, I suggest you ignore them.

Trump Arrives at White House


So far, none.

 In what will be one of Odumbo's last classless act while in the WH, there was no public greeting of Trump today. Obama and Hillary supporters should be hanging their heads in shame and embarrassment.

I couldn't help thinking on election night when Trump and his family arrived at his election headquarters was how much I was looking forward to looking at these pretty and classy people for the next four years.  No more degenerate rap artists stinking up the premises and no more having to see an ill-dressed poorly groomed first lady, or a president doing his best shuck and jive routine.

I want to surround myself with people who make me want to be a better person.

Savage and Jones

This opening segment by Michael Savage from the Nov. 9th is epic.  Following is a call-in interview Savage had with President-Elect Donald J. Trump on election day before the results were in.

It made me sit back and reflect on both Savage and, to a lesser degree, Alex Jones becoming almost mainstream.  We all like to take pot-shots at Jones and his "conspiracy" theories, but much of what he's been saying is sounding not so silly anymore.

I've always like Savage, but he's not on the radio here and so I've missed much of what he's been saying.  I've remedied that by finding an on-line source to listen to him.  It will also save me from the 3pm to 6pm wasteland of Glenn Beck on local radio - followed by Meghan McCain (ugh)

 Donald Trump Michael Savage Interview on Election Day! - November 8, 2016 


This perfectly shows how I feel right now:


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