Friday, November 18, 2016

Jeff Sessions, Mike Flynn, Mike Pompeo?...

all good choices.

How do I know this?  Because I took a swing by Huff and Puff and they are having a complete meltdown.  Naturally the first salvo* thrown out was "racist."  Also bandied about was Nazi, Fascist, anti-immigrant.  Do they even know what those words mean?  Libtards are completely predictable.  The comments are hilarious.  And just think, we have 4 more years of watching them grind their back teeth down to nubbins. 

* Did you know that salvo also means a simultaneous discharge of firearms? Of course you did.  I have the smartest readers - ever. I'd say the left has been hit with a barrage of epic proportions, wouldn't you? 

This is what is being reported:

CIA: Mike Pompeo
National Security Advisor: Mike Flynn
AG: Jeff Sessions

I also took a swing by some of the blogs which were moved to my recycle bin when their anti-Trump ranting became a source of annoyance. I really don't like being annoyed.  Without mentioning names (like Moonbattery), I noticed they were all trying to climb out the pit of non-relevance they dug for themselves.  Too late, guys.

Odumbo Bows and Scrapes to Foreigners 

 Remember this?  Odumbo bows and shakes hands with Emperor of Japan. Notice the Emperor barely bows.  Odumbo doesn't even realize he's been dissed.  The President of the United States should not be bowing to other foreign leaders. Period!

 Trump Meets With Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

No bow.

Libtards have a complete meltdown because Ivanka was present.  So what?  According to reports she and her husband had just stopped by.  It was a social meeting.  I highly doubt Abe and Trump were trading nuclear secrets. 

Besides, what man wouldn't want to look at this?













It's Friday (duh!)

I'm heading out to whack down a few more bushes before they're covered in snow.  Tomorrow I'll be doing a product review.  Hint - it may be about the Instant Pot. 

Let's enjoy our weekend.

See you tomorrow.


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