Saturday, November 26, 2016

I spared you the new leader of "most punchable of faces™ for Thanksgiving...

you're welcome.

Watching Mathew Blanchfield, CEO of the Albuquerque-based internet marketing firm 1st in SEO, is a classic study in virtue signalling by a libtard who clearly doesn't understand the meaning of fascism - or much of anything else.

This wack-job, with out of control eyebrows, has declared that his company, which after perusing his website and Facecrap page, I suspect consists of only him, will not do business with anyone who is a Trump supporter.

 This mental midget sent a letter to his customers telling them to take a hike if they are Republicans or support Trump:
America has elected Donald Trump, a racist, sexist, fascist, to be our next president. 1st In SEO will no longer do business with any person that is a registered Republican or supports Donald Trump. 1st In SEO will also not do business with business interests that support either the Republican Party or Donald Trump. 1st In SEO obviously has no actual means of determining our clients’ or prospective clients’ political standing. We will rely on the integrity of the men and women who are our clients, currently to find another Search Engine Optimization provider if they are Republicans, voted for Donald Trump or support Donald Trump. If you are a Republican, voted for Donald Trump or support Donald Trump, in any manner, you are not welcome at 1st In SEO and we ask you to leave our firm.  there's more of his blah blah, if you care.
When defending his knowledge of fascism and authoritarian dictatorship to Tucker Carlson, he declares Trump's behavior with the media and top leaders of the country as an example of "totally authoritarian behavior" and hilariously proceeds to say, "...He didn't even have the moral *turpitude to do it openly."  WTHell?  Donald Trump didn't have the moral turpitude to do something openly?  Let that sink in for a moment.  Not sure about you, but I'm certainly pleased that Trump has not committed an act of moral turpitude.

 photo CockroachUnfair.jpg
So here's a few more things to be thankful for:
  • You're not a client of this cockroach
  • You don't work for this cockroach
  • You're not married to this cockroach with all that marriage implies (shudder)
  • You're not a child of this cockroach
  • You're not a relative of this cockroach
  • You didn't have to eat Thanksgiving dinner with this virtue signalling ignorant POS cockroach 

*Moral Turpitude:  an act or behavior that gravely violates the sentiment or accepted standard of the community 

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