Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Project Veritas Video #2: How is everyone holding up?...

because my blood pressure has reached stroke level and I'm busy deciding what kind of vegetable I wish to be after the big one. 

If you wish, you may scroll down to the bottom for the newest Project Veritas undercover video just released (Tuesday 10/18.)  If you haven't watched the first one, it's also there.  

It's stupid to be so overwhelmed by the news, all of which seems bad.  I'm sure it's part of the plan.

There is now 46 open tabs on my computer, and my ability to put them in some sort of rational order is overwhelming.  With my desire for minimalism, open tabs equals clutter.

First off, anyone who thinks they are not being data-mined and propagandized online is living in an alternative universe.  I rarely post anything on Facecrap and employ Adblock Plus.  Not to be deterred, Facecrap has started to litter my feed with "suggested posts."  Why is this important?  If you think you're not being folded, spindled, and stalked, you'll realize that the suggested posts are almost irresistible and closely follow your interests.  I would say that at least 50% of the time, I click on whatever the link is, full well knowing that I'm falling for their trap.  I find that very scary.

Add to that, whenever I watch a Youtube video now, a popup for some recently searched item comes up on the video.  My item searches are all over UK Daily Mail, too.  Really?

Conservative blogs, and those that pretend to be conservative, are rife with anti-Trump trolls spewing nonsense comments.  No doubt of them are paid.

Keeping all that in mind, is it any wonder that the MSM (including Fox) are saying little to nothing about Hillary's emails, and devoting unprecedented time to something Trump said over 10 years ago?

Why does the MSM not question where the democratic nominee is?  In my lifetime (which is considerable), I'm never seen a candidate who simply disappears for weeks at at time.

And CNN has laughably told us peons that we're not allowed to read the Wikileak emails of Hillary Clinton.  It's illegal for us (cue scary music), but A-okay for them.  Don't worry - they'll convey anything important to the unwashed ignorant deplorable masses. 

And now Yahoo has a creepy plan for advertising billboards to spy on you.  So far, no way to "opt out" of this little bit of data mining.

Which brings us to Google's Jigsaw:

In this premier episode of The Geopolitical Report with Kurt Nimmo, we examine Google’s Jigsaw, an emerging technology that will be used on the internet to counter speech and ideas considered “extremist” by the global elite. Initially beta tested on radical Islamists, we demonstrate how Google and its partners plan to leverage the technology to marginalize and ultimately eliminate opposition to the establishment. With this first episode Newsbud welcomes Kurt Nimmo!
 As always - don't take the word of Kurt Nimmo.  Do your own research.  To get you started I've included the links to some of the organizations Mr. Nimmo mentions.

Gen Next


Moonshot CVE

Now, if you are not getting thoroughly pissed off, I suggest you take your right hand and grasp your left wrist and check for a pulse.  If it's still beating at a semi-normal rate, the next video should send it off the charts.  If you're not one of the almost 2.7 million people who have already watched this, do it now!

When you're finished, watch video #2 which was just released (Tuesday, 10/18)

As of today, the Scott Foval mentioned in the above video and featured in the next video, has been fired by American's United for Change.  But, not to worry my little dumplings, his scummy ass will pop up somewhere else.  Foval has, without a doubt, one of the most punchable faces I've ever seen. 

And the MSM laughs at Trump when he says the election is rigged?  

I think when I succumb to the "big one", I'd like to be an asparagus - a tall slim asparagus.


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