Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hillary Clinton: Nothing says "respect for women" like having Jennifer Lopez shake her ample almost bare butt in your face...

and holding a "meet and great" in a Miami bar on Sunday is just pathetic.

I won't even begin to explore this whole Comey/Clinton emails/Weiner/Abeden/FBI thing going on.  My distaste and distrust of the MSM means we're not hearing anything that's even remotely true.

What is true, is that the only way Clinton can get anyone to attend her rallies is to drag out ageing "stars" to wiggle and bare their ass while singing songs with lewd and nasty lyrics.  Way to go, Hill.

WTHell!  Is Lopez farting into her mic?

And then this morning she campaigns in a bar in Miami.  I kid you not.

I want all of you neverTrump peeps to check in and tell me again all your objections to Donald J. Trump.

This has been a horrific week, in more ways than the national scene.  A wonderful family man, 41 year old William "Bo" Kirk, went missing Saturday after leaving work at the Northwest Specialty Hospital in Post Falls which is just minutes from my home. 

Bo Kirk
Shortly after disappearing, his ATM card was used at two different banks and later that evening his truck was found engulfed in flames in Hayden, Idaho.

On Tuesday, his body was found in the woods.

This past Friday, two men were arrested and one has been charged with second degree homicide in connection with the death of Bo Kirk. 

I can't imagine the pain and heartache the family must be feeling over their loss.

This is not supposed to be happening in North Idaho.

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