Wednesday, June 15, 2016

You're Not Being Told the Truth About Orlando w/ Bonus Bill Whittle...

go ahead and call it "conspiracy" and demand that some of us put on our tin foil hats.

You may feel free to do so, because I don't give a damn.

The fact is, the libtards in our country want your guns and they will stop at nothing to disarm you.  These shootings are all by design.  They are planned and executed to cause fear, and propagandize you into the idea that taking away all the guns will keep us safe. No, it won't.  It will make you either a dead ideologue or a dead fool. Either way, you're still dead.

Other people are starting to see a pattern.  These radicalized Muslim shooters have, for the most part, have had extensive contact with the FBI.

Bunkerville asks:  Was the Orlando terrorist Mateen an FBI informant?
Amazing, isn’t it? All of these informants magically become involved in so many of the government cases. Is it on a “need be?” case?  Hmm. Follow me as I go down this rabbit hole. Recall the guy who made the video that was blamed for the Benghazi attack? He was an informant before he was a film maker. He went to jail conveniently for a year, shortly after the SHTF. He was released a year later, and then said he would be disappearing because he feared for his life. Here we go:

How many times in the wake of a bombing or shooting have we discovered that the alleged terrorist was known to the FBI and yet still managed to slip through their radar? read the rest
Geeez:  Scrubbing Important Information

Sleuth Journal asks the same questions I've been asking.  One shooter?  

If, as channel 9 has reported, there were 202 bullets fired, it absolutely does not add up to one shooter. 
Channel 9 found out that 202 rounds were fired during the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting Sunday, a law enforcement source said. That includes the gun battle between Omar Mateen and law enforcement, the source said.  source
Self Evident Truths:  A Threat by Any Other Name: Why President Obama Refuses to Name Islamic Terrorism

New Zealand Blog:  Why Obama Gets Emotional Talking About Islam

Alt-Market:   Orlando Victims Died Because They Were Unarmed - Not Because They Were Gay 

American Thinker:  The American Left is Beneath Contempt

Diary of a Right Wing Pussy Cat:  Hey obama, will you STFU Already?

By posting the following video, I am not suggesting that Orlando was a false flag event.  However, it is important information.  It's importance lies in how people are propagandized. There are different degrees of false flags.  Some come equipped with real dead bodies. 

"Knowledge is power", is a quote attributed to Francis Bacon, but it may go back as far as Thomas Hobbes.  The point is that you can choose to stick your head in the nearest sand pile, or you can take steps to protect yourself and your loved ones.  If you think that horrible things will "never happen again" you need to realize that we are not in Kansas anymore. 

The question I keep asking is why, if we don't believe the majority of of information given to us by the MSM or the government, we are so willing to believe all reports of the Orlando shooting.  I have yet to receive an answer.

Bonus:  The Wisdom of Bill Whittle

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