Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sometimes you just have to call a sleaze, a sleaze...

and the PC crowd goes crazy.

It's been fun to watch.
Trump said, “What I don’t want is when I raise millions of dollars, have people say– like this sleazy guy right over here from ABC, he’s a sleaze in my book.”

ABC’s Tom Llamas asked, “Why am I a sleaze?”

Trump answered, “You’re a sleaze because you know the facts and you know the facts well.”
Isn't it about time the liars who hide behind the protective shell of calling themselves "journalists" be called out?

Is Llamas upset?  Oh, hell noes!  Two days ago no one knew who he was.  Trump coronated him with the crown of sleaze.   He's never been happier.

Trump is winning because he rejects political correctness, a term that is in itself, non-PC.  This isn't about being polite. This is about marginalizing and defaming people who face the realities of the world.  How PC is that?

It is PC that has produced a president who refuses to say the words "Islamic terrorism", while Muslims are chopping off heads and raping white women, because, well, ah, ah, um, "Islam is the religion of peace."  

It is PC that has us arguing about where someone should be allowed to poo or piddle.  If you don't want your daughter sharing a bathroom with a bunch of exposed penises, well, then you're a hater and a bigot.

It is PC which demands Confederate monuments be torn down and the flag of the South be banned.  It is PC that wants us to call a man a woman because that's how he "feels" on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  It is PC that has your public schools telling first graders that a man having sex with another man is perfectly normal, or that when Gladys marries Bertha, it's just another type of family.

It is PC that has you sending a perfectly normal son or daughter off to a PC college campus, only to have them return as libtards who support a Bernie Sanders and his promise of free tuition. 

George Orwell has been vindicated and his book has become reality.

Reflect on this:  When did you ever hear Cruz, Rubio, Jeb!, or any of the other possible candidates stand up against the PC culture that is destroying our country?  Let me help you - you didn't.

Go ahead anti-Trumpers and call him vulgar, crude, or any of the other names you can dredge up from the pits of your little intolerant anti-intellectual PC minds.

 I call him honest.


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