Monday, June 27, 2016

Citizens of Idaho threatened by Obama-appointed U.S. attorney for Idaho Wendy J. Olson...

while they protect Muslim rapists.

The Obama-appointed U.S. attorney for Idaho is stepping in to see to it that Muslim juveniles are protected from white racist Islamophobic citizens who are outraged at the coverup of three Muslim juveniles abusing and possibly raping a 5 year old girl.   

I reported on it:

The city council of Twin Falls and the U.S. attorney are outraged that we called the "refugees" Syrian when they are Sudanese and Iraqi.    One thing they did have in common was that they were Muslim and were dragged into this country, given section 8 housing, welfare, food stamps, and free medical care.  

Our reward?  They abused a developmentally delayed 5 year old girl - including urinating on her. 

The following is a news release issued late Friday from the office of United States Attorney Wendy J. Olson.
“BOISE – The United States Attorney’s Office extends its support to the five-year-old victim of assault, and her family, at the Fawnbrook Apartments in Twin Falls.
“The United States Attorney’s Office further encourages community members in Twin Falls and throughout Idaho to remain calm and supportive, to pay close attention to the facts that have been released by law enforcement and the prosecuting attorney, and to avoid spreading false rumors and inaccuracies.
“Grant Loebs is an experienced prosecutor, and Chief Craig Kingsbury is an experienced law enforcement officer. They are moving fairly and thoughtfully in this case,” said Wendy J. Olson, U.S. Attorney for Idaho. “As Mr. Loebs and Chief Kingsbury informed the public, the subjects in this case are juveniles, ages 14, 10 and 7. The criminal justice system, whether at the state or federal level, requires that juveniles be afforded a specific process with significant restrictions on the information that can be released. The fact that the subjects are juveniles in no way lessens the harm to or impact on the victim and her family.”
Olson continued, saying:
“The spread of false information or inflammatory or threatening statements about the perpetrators or the crime itself reduces public safety and may violate federal law. We have seen time and again that the spread of falsehoods about refugees divides our communities. I urge all citizens and residents to allow Mr. Loebs and Chief Kingsbury and their teams to do their jobs.”
 Now where I come from that constitutes a threat.

Ms Olsen needs to clarify exactly what federal law we're violating by reporting on incidents that the MSM and our government would really rather you didn't know about.  

This women, who enjoys a hefty salary,  is threatening the very people  who pay her salary, which is in excess of 100K not counting benefits.

Ann Corcoran, the author of the Refugee Resettlement Watch blog and the book “Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America had this to say:
“This is threatening free speech,” Corcoran said of Olson’s statement. “It’s the federal government trying to intimidate into silence those citizens who don’t have resources or connections. This must mean we have hit a nerve with this administration.”


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