Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Bunch of Democrats Sat Around on the Floor in Protest While Paul Ryan Completely Lost Control...

and no one really cares.

If the dems want to make utter fools of themselves, well, so be it.

While they were busy trying to curtail the gun rights of law abiding citizens, this is what was going on in Chicago:

Chicago Gun Violence
Week in Progress (6/19 – 6/25)

Shot & Killed: 6
Shot & Wounded: 54
Total Shot: 60

Here's an idea.  How about you plan your next sit-in for inner city Chicago?  Maybe Mayor Rahm Emmanuel will join you.  But remember boys and girls, you can't take your armed security with you.  That would not present the right optics.  

Hey, great selfie guys and girls.

Here's Pocahontas putting on her angry face while both she and Debbie Dingel (D- Dearborn) punch above their weight. 

Dingel had this to say:
We cannot let the same old battles play out again," she said in the statement. "We can protect Second Amendment rights while keeping the American people safe. In fact, it is our job to do so. Same old, same old isn't cutting it anymore."
Debbie needs to review the gun violence stats from Chicago, proud home to the strictest gun laws in the nation.  She also needs to get a trim and a decent color job on her hair. 

It's going to take a sky hook to get some of these fluffy old farts off the floor.

Not to worry about their well being, though.  The taxpayers funded a buffet for them.  Looks pretty dang good.  Is that fried okra I spy?  Isn't that racist?

Here's Paul Ryan pretending to be speaker and trying to restore order.  Notice the super serious look on his face complete with the lower lip suck-in (or is that suck-up?) 

 It seems no one is paying attention.

A lone voice speaks out and says the most hated words by democrats from sea to shining sea:

 “What About RADICAL ISLAM!” 

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen.  Your government hard at work sucking up enormous salaries, insider trading tips, perks untold, and pensions - all paid for by you. 


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