Sunday, April 3, 2016

What is Data Fiction?...

something to think about.

Kay Scarpetta talking to her niece Lucy in Depraved Heart by Patricia Cornwell. 

KS:  "Jill Donoghue mentioned something about a case involving data fiction.  I'm curious if you have any idea what she might have been referring to because I'm not familiar with the term."

Lucy:  "Data fiction is a trending concept on the Undernet, the underground of the Internet."

KS: "The Undernet where most of what goes on is illegal?"

Lucy:  "Depends on who you're talking to.  For me it's an extreme frontier of cyberspace like the wild wild west, just another place to data mine and send my search engines loose."

KS: "Tell me about data fiction."

Lucy:  "It's what can happen if we're so reliant on technology that we become completely dependent on things we can't see.  Therefore we can no longer judge for ourselves what's true, what's false, what's accurate, what isn't.  In other words if reality is defined by software that does all the work for us then what if this software lies?  What if everything we believe isn't true but is a facade, a mirage?  What if we go to war, pull the plug, make life-and-death decisions based on data fiction?"

KS:  "I'd say that happens more than we'd like to imagine," I reply.

"It's certainly something I worry about every time we generate our annual crime statistics and the government makes decisions based on our data."

Lucy:  "Or how about financial misinformation and manipulation, something far worse than a Ponzi scheme? Think about all those online transactions and digital reads of what you have in your bank accounts. You believe you have a certain amount of cash, assets or debt because it says so right right there on your computer screen or in your quarterly report that was generated by software.  What if this software creates data that accounts for every penny but in fact it's false?  What if it's a front for fraud? Then you have data fiction."


Brandon Smith:   How To Win The War For Your Mind

[...]  Never Trust The Media Machine – Always Verify Information
There is no such thing as “objective journalism” in the mainstream media anymore. What you see and hear is not the truth but a facsimile of the truth, twisted to benefit the establishment alone. Media outlets today do not investigate events. Instead, they obstruct investigation by promoting only one side of every story and attacking anyone who questions their asserted narrative. The “official version” of any news story is almost always a convoluted fabrication that protects the oligarchy from harm.

No one who considers himself an intelligent human being should accept the official narrative at face value. It is important to question always that which we are told and to investigate using independent or original sources. Never allow yourself to be “taught.” Always examine the facts on your own. Demand that the establishment mouthpieces provide source information, instead of acting as if we should accept everything they say on blind faith. READ THE REST

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