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I originally saw the video last night on a site other than Gateway Pundit.  My first reaction was, "Well, that's really rude."

This is what Jim Hoft (bless his heart) posted at Gateway Pundit:

WOW! New York audience Completely Tunes Ted Cruz Out at GOP Dinner - along with the following video.
New York Values—
Ted Cruz spoke at the New York Republican Dinner on Thursday night.
The audience spoke over him.
You can barely hear Ted over the din in the room.
The longer Ted spoke the louder the room got.
By the time he wrapped up his ridiculously long speech the crowd was talking, clinking glasses and paying no attention to the Texas Senator.
Except there's one big problem.

According to Rush this morning


Rush was at the event and gave a lengthy explanation this morning as to how the whole thing was orchestrated on purpose.  He's claiming everything was fine until about the last 10 minutes or so of Cruz's speech when suddenly the mics and sound system went all wonky on the broadcast - not the room. He figured they'd fix it - except they didn't.  Finally, Fox cut away and Hannity, who was in the studio, said they were having sound problems. 

Since I wasn't there, it's impossible for me to say whose version of the events was correct.  Why should I believe Rush over Jim Hoft?

I'm going to apply a bit of my homespun logic here.
  • Rush really doesn't have an axe to grind.  
  • He was present at the event.  
  • It would be very easy for his version to be refuted
  • As far as I know Jim Hoft was not at the event
  • Jim Hoft does have an axe to grind as he has chosen Trump as his savior­™
I'll be interested in what Sean Hannity has to say later today.  I've posted a few Gateway Pundit comments below the video.  It seem not everyone is so easily fooled. 

In the meantime, peeps, QUESTION EVERYTHING!

It appears some of the commenters at Gateway Pundit got it:

It is ridicules how Cruz's mic got turned off. There really are a lot of people out to get him. If you watch the second video carefully you will see many people paying close attention to Senator Cruz as he speaks. The rest of the people are acting just as they did during the Trump speech and the Kasich speech. I am sure that in the room the audio was normal.

The New York Gala event was on Fox News for nearly two hours last night. No audio problems until Cruz came on as the last to speak. Hannity finally pulled away from the event saying there was a technical problem with the audio.

Today, Fox News has been reporting the audio problem was almost the entire crowd ignoring Cruz purposely. Crowd talking, taking selfies and showing Cruz their New York values. It was a complete snub of Cruz who is cratering in the National Presidential polls and is fast approaching single digits in the New York polls leading up to the election on Tuesday.

Cruz is going to have a rough next couple of weeks.

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