Thursday, February 25, 2016

Instructions for watching the Republican debate tonight...

aka a cage match of mixed martial arts.

It will be ugly, ugly, ugly.

Ugliness must always be countered with non-ugliness.

Understand that these instructions are geared towards someone such as I who has no cable TV.  I also don't have a laptop, so I'm tied to my big old fashioned computer in my office.  Please feel free to personalize these instructions to meet your needs.  

After slipping into some comfy sweats,  grab a nice tray.  I prefer silver (in our case it's plate not sterling, but whatever.)

Next, load the tray up with the following:

A bottle of your favorite libation. One or all of the following are permissible.

You need a bucket of ice so you won't have to make a kitchen run and miss Trump calling Cruz a liar, Cruz calling Rubio a liar,  Rubio on auto-robot repeating himself like a deranged Chatty Cathy doll, and all of them, including the moderators, piling on Trump as the uncouth, morally bankrupt, and foul mouthed shape-shifter who counts among his followers the ignorant, uneducated, and just plain "mean™." 

Rubio disguised as Chatty Cathy

Some snacks are in order at this point.  I'm voting for a nice sardine spread.  Just look at that cute little caper plunked on top.  Adorbs!

Other possibilities are plain 'ol chips and dip or, if you're going for the healthy snack, veggies and dip is an option.  A nice BBQ would be nice, but all that smoke in the house is a real distraction and tends to set off the smoke detector.

And lastly, but probably most important, understand that these "debates" are nothing more than Kabuki theater to keep the masses occupied while they outlaw paper money, sink the interest rate to below zero, and position themselves to steal your pension, IRA, or 401K.  Enjoy the show, but be prepared.


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