Monday, November 2, 2015

Inside a Chicago classroom...Update: Best to watch it now as it's being pulled from other sites...

what language are these people speaking?  It certainly doesn't sound like English.

I hope this is a joke.  I fear it is not.


From Gateway Pundit:
According to FOX2 News in St. Louis this video was actually shot in 2011 in the Chicago Vocational Career Academy. 
Several people have posted screen shots of an email apparently from CVCA administrators that reads: 
Thank you for your concern, We have recently become aware of a very unfortunate video that is being circulated on social media. While that is indeed CVCA, this video predates the current administration. Under our administration, disciplinary actions have been reduced from 1,149 a year to 146 a year. This video does not, in any way, reflect the current climate; this is not the CVCA way. 
We appreciate your concern and thank you for notifying us. 
Principal Douglas L. Maclin

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