Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Magic Mirror: Seeing the Virtues of Infanticide from a Progressive Viewpoint...

by John Harris.

The progressive mentality needs to preserve abortion as a signal achievement–and even a basic sacrament–because it “reorients” the participant’s consciousness toward the Movement.

I had to turn off Rush Limbaugh a couple of weeks ago (the last day of July, I believe it was) when a caller from California began to explain to El Rushbo the difference between liberals and conservatives. The man’s voice was perhaps a bit whiney thanks to middle age (whose effects are not unknown to yours truly)… but there also seemed to be a touch of Thurston B. Howell the Third (“the Thuhhhd”) in his intonation. Conservatives, he homilied, proceed from the moral assumption that individualism is the ultimate objective of life; liberals assume that altruism is that objective. Conservatives are determined to be rugged do-it-yourselfers, come what may, whereas liberals want to help other people rather than advance their selfish interests.

I need to start paying more attention to my blood pressure. Maybe five minutes of shouting in an empty room (at a silenced radio) helped me blow off steam. When I’d cooled down, I realized that this politely arrogant philosophe who had awaited patiently on Rush’s line the chance to explain to the world—as if it were quantum chromodynamics—his insight about helping others… I realized that I knew this guy very well. I could have profiled him for the FBI: his education, his profession, his income, his place of birth, his family life—I could have put the dart near the bull’s eye on every one. This is the messiah-type. He needs the needy: he needs them to need him—to need the sweet balm of his salvation: his wisdom, his compassion, his generosity. The condescension that drove him to contact the world’s best-known talk-show host and uncork a lecture to the entire planet on the charismatic mystery of caring for others never appeared to him for an instant as… shall we say, a little presumptuous.   So seriously does this type take his own platitudinous piety that he considers its broad-mindedness a revelation to us ordinary, fallen mortals. The high imperative has been entrusted to him in a vision: “Thou faithful servant, do things for others.”

Yes, and do them with others’ money, collected under threat of imprisonment; do them with a bureaucratic inefficiency so egregious that dead men get monthly checks and debauches in Vegas pass for professional conferences; do them so indiscriminately that a new criminal class of cheats emerges and a new serfdom is created from abject dependency.

But none of that matters to our messiah. Merely to point out such sordid realities is to display the hard-hearted cynicism of the unregenerate sinner, the “me only” individualist. The messiah is above such things. When he looks into the mirror, he sees an enlightened mind and a purified soul. Such a good man—such a wonderful human being! The needy are so very fortunate to have him! Why, they might all wither and turn to dust if he did not stand up on their behalf for basic human rights which, in their own incurable ineptitude, those poor dumb throngs would never, never be able to defend!

Read the rest. It's excellent.

  The only point Mr. Harris left off was the desire for progressives (socialists, communists, et al), to destroy anyone who disagrees with them.  I know this from personal experience.  They will stop at nothing to vilify anyone they perceive as a threat to their sick world view.  Almost all of the progressive talking points Mr. Harris brings up are the very things I'd heard ad nauseum until I banished progressives from my life, and it's been blissfully peaceful ever since.

After a lovely Sunday breakfast of cantaloupe, bacon, and Spanish style fried eggs (my new obsession and the only way to fry eggs), it's time for a nap.


Imagination is not the stepchild of reality
by Jon Rappoport

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