Friday, August 7, 2015

Fox News Morphs into The National Enquirer...

or - what in hell did I watch last night?

If you watched the "debate", no further explanation needed.

Megyn Kelly, sporting a ratty weave (grow up, Megyn!), and fake eyelashes thick enough to make one wonder how she kept her lids in an upright and locked position, giggled and snarked her way through the entire show.  Chris Wallace, who at 67 years old has hair the color of black shoe polish, asked his fair share of "gotcha questions."   Brett Baier was somewhat credible.

Who was the big loser last night?

Fox News.

The happy hour debate was so much better.  Congrats to Martha MacCallum and Bill Hemming for acting like adults, and kudos to the candidates relegated to the "kid's table." 

And what's with Fox not live-streaming without a cable connection? We don't have cable.  If we did have cable I wouldn't be watching on my computer, but on my big screen TV.  Dopes. Thanks to Doug, over at the Daley Gator, for posting some links to live feeds so I was able to watch.

Both debates if you were unable to watch:

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